Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System Review 2021

The Keurig K40 Elite is a terrific intro machine to single-serve coffees. It’s fairly inexpensive and does a fine job. It has some nice features such as a visible water reservoir that offers fairly fast brew time (once water is warmed up) and can accommodate travel mugs.

It brews a perfect beverage in under one minute which is quick enough while getting late for office or coming back home tired enough to stand and wait for the coffee to brew.

When it comes to coffee, single-serve makers have a horde of perks. Arguably, the best benefit is the freshness of the coffee brewed. For this reason, the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System is also perfect for small homes or offices. If you make a big pot of coffee, you either end up wasting some of it or drinking a brew that has been standing for a while.

You might be brewing for a bigger group of people, of course. In this case, you might want to check out a French press with a large capacity, or a drip coffee maker. A great thing to note is that this product comes with a one-year warranty. This is indicative of Keurig’s confidence in the K40, which is always a positive to see.

If you take into account that everything happens in the machine for you, it’s a pretty good way to start the day off. No more spilling boiling water on yourself during the transfer from the kettle to the cup, and no more beans grinding hassle with potential knock-over. It makes your morning so easy like never before.

K40 review 2021


This machine comes equipped with a water reservoir, removable drip tray, and a lovely addition of K-Cup pods. It works just like a drip-coffee machine, without the stress of having to pour everyone around you a cup of coffee at the same time!

At around 13 inches tall, and 10 inches wide, this device will make an easy addition to your kitchen, if you have some counter space available. If you have cupboards or shelves above your counter, just remember to measure the distance between it and the counter before purchasing one of these.

They weigh about 12 pounds, which isn’t hard to move around if you decide your kitchen needs a change.

The design is simple that comes with 5 light indicators and 4 buttons to operate the machine in the least minimalistic way possible without compromising on the customization.

By adding the Keurig K40 to your routine, your morning can run like a well-oiled machine. Get up, flip the device on, and get breakfast going while your coffee is whipped up for you. The great thing about the Keurig K40 is the insanely short time frame your java can get made in approximately one minute.


Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System Review 2021



Let’s get a better idea of this coffee maker, and take a look at some of its standout features.

Capacity is always a really important feature to look at before purchasing a coffee machine. As mentioned above, the Keurig K40 is a single-serve coffee maker. This ensures a fresh cup every time you need one, which isn’t something you’ll find with larger capacities.

In addition to the brew being fresh, you’ll be able to consistently have the kind of coffee you want, as you won’t need to grind the beans or watch the water temperature. The water reservoir for the K40 is 48-ounces, which can get you a few cups before having to refill.

Just how many cups you can get out of this depends on which cup-size option you’re prone to choose. This device offers you three options of brew sizes including 6-ounce, 8-ounce, and 10-ounce. The water reservoir is super easy to remove and refill, so even if you run out of the water, it’s not a mission to top up.

The removable drip tray comes in handy if you choose to use a travel mug, or if you want to get the best out of the 10-ounce option. This is a breeze to slide out of the machine, be it for cleaning, emptying, or making way for an, especially big caffeine craving.

Another great thing about having a single-serve coffee maker is that your coffee won’t get cold; you’ll have snatched it up before there’s any time for that. The Keurig K40 heats the water to 195 degrees, which is optimal for coffee taste, according to the National Coffee Association.

In terms of style, the brand has always been a frontrunner. Sleek and lavish is the best way to describe the Keurig K40. Available in black, this appliance slots-in well with every kitchen aesthetic. The style of this coffee maker also makes it very functional to use.

Indicator buttons alert you to anything you may need to do, such as add water and de-scale the machine. There is an auto-off function, which is good for energy saving. These buttons will light up when necessary, which is great, as otherwise, you might not remember to refill your reservoir on a busy morning.

The K-Cup pod is compatible will all Keurig models, and come in the form of hot chocolates, teas, and, of course, coffees. You can use this ultimate Keurig machine with a range of single-serve K-Cup pods including 6, 8, and 10 ounces, meaning you can enjoy a good cup of coffee no matter the brew size.

With the K40, you’ll receive a K-Cup variety pack. If you haven’t tried these before, you’ll be hooked. There are over 100 varieties out there and Keurig works with some big names to bring you great flavors. Some of the brands with their own K-Cup pod flavors are Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and Green Mountain.

Having a lot of flavors available is great for those amongst us who are experimental. If you already know what you want, then you can make sure you get just that every single time you feel the need to make some java.



  • Less than a minute brew time

  • Single-serve machine with three cup size options

  • Purchase includes a variety 6-pack of K-Cup pods

  • One year warranty

  • Due to the small capacity, you can’t use this for a big family or office

  • This product takes up a lot more table space than, say, a French Press

Our Verdict:

The Keurig K40 is the perfect single-serving coffee machine for you. Whether you need a pick-me-up at work, or a magical cup to start your day off, you can have one in under a minute. A huge selection of teas, hot chocolates, and coffees can all be yours with the push of a button.

This product is easy to clean, efficient, and will look great in any kitchen. Remember to brew your first cup by following the instructions closely to make sure everything is working properly. After that, sit back and sip the day away with Keurig K40.

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