Keurig K55/K45 Elite Home Brewing System Review 2021

The company’s flagship products, Keurig K-Cup brewing systems, are designed to brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverages to satisfy your soul. K55/K45 Elite Home Brewing System is one among many best options by Keurig and offers a pure strongly brewed coffee for you in less than one minute. The grounds are in a single-serve coffee container, called a “K-Cup” pod, consisting of a plastic cup, aluminum lid, and filter by Keurig.

The Keurig K55/K45 Elite is a terrific introductory machine to single-serve coffees. It’s fairly inexpensive and does a fine job. It has some nice features such as a removable water reservoir that offers fairly fast brew time (once water is warmed up) and can accommodate travel mugs.

It brews a perfect beverage in under one minute which is quick enough while getting late for office or coming back home tired enough to stand and wait for the coffee to brew.

When it comes to coffee, single-serve makers have a lot of options to choose from. Arguably, the best benefit is the freshness of the coffee brewed. For this reason, the Keurig K55/K45 Elite Brewing System is also perfect for small homes or offices. If you make a big pot of coffee, you either end up wasting some of it or drinking a brew that has been standing for a while.

K55 review 2021


Almost all of the units by Keurig feature a relatively same design. Same way, K55/K45 Elite also inherits the same look of the Keurig default look but it’s a little bolder with the large interface, decent reservoir, and decent black ascents.

Some of the units by Keurig just are not so compact and demand relatively more room on the surface but K55/K45 Elite is a more space savor with its little taller and less wide length on the platform. It comes in dimension measuring 9.8 x 13 x 13.3 in. Additionally, this piece utilizes technology to identify the inserted pod and optimizes brewing. Heating up of water is a plus point in this coffee maker and it does this thing quickly, so you don’t have to wander around to do other things.

Moreover, it features a simplistic interface that’s equipped with 5 light indicators and 5 buttons that allow minimalistic customization for your favorite drink. The design of this unit is compatible with K-Cup Pods and offers brew sizes 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz. Also, it uses Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filters for an amazing sip of brewed magic.


Keurig K55K45 Elite Home Brewing System Review 2021



K55/K45 Elite Home Brewing System comes with many promising features that make it a good to have a machine for your daily dose of hot coffee.

You can use this ultimate Keurig machine with a range of single-serve K-Cup pods including 6, 8, and 10 ounces brewing sizes, meaning you can enjoy a good cup of coffee no matter the brew size.

The package comes with 4 K-Cup pods, a water filter handle, and 2 water filters to help extend the life of your brewer.

In addition to the brew being fresh and standard sized, you’ll be able to consistently have the kind of coffee you want, as you won’t need to grind the beans or watch the water temperature. The water reservoir for the K55/K45 Elite is 48-ounces, which can get you 6+ cups before having to refill. That saves you much of the time and simplifies your morning routine.

The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill whenever you need to. Also, it favors easy cleaning and easy maintenance that further adds up more durability and reliability to your machine.

Descaling is an important part of maintaining any coffee maker. Using for years, the machine will build up calcium deposits on the internal components. To make sure your cup of coffee isn’t impacted by the buildup, you’ll want to descale your machine on a frequency outlined in the manual. It’s best to use Keurig’s descaling solution to make sure the internal components stay good as new over the time adding up to the durability and reliability. You can refer to the descaling video for step by step instructions regarding the procedure so that you can have a pure sip of coffee every time.

Moreover, the Indicator Lights on the K55/K45 Elite will help you through each step of your beverage brewing. To use this, begin by filling the small tank with water, pop the lid and insert your favorite K-cup or ground coffee, push the button and you’re good to go.

Auto-off feature of this K55/K45 Elite ensures power saving by turning off the machine when it has been idle for two hours. This feature is great for those who seem to be in a perpetual hurry and have a habit of forgetting to turn off their kitchen appliances.



  • Easy to use

  • Standard sized water tank

  • Easy to brew

  • 6, 8 and 10oz brew size options

  • Heats up quickly

  • Big and simplistic interface

  • Takes up counter space

  • Short Power Cord

  • Not so compact

Our Verdict:

If you’ve owned a Keurig in the past and want to upgrade, then the K55/K45 Elite is a really good option. It’s also a great starting point for those of you who are new to the Keurig experience. You get very quick, strong and tasty coffee out of the machine, and 48oz water reservoir is perfectly adequate for general needs. Also, customized settings brew a coffee that will perfectly meet your own standards of a good cup of coffee and all these things quickly make it a handsome option to avail.

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