Keurig K575 Coffee Maker Review 2021

Keurig has overcome the market of coffee and espresso machines with overwhelming trusted success. Keurig K575 is the latest offering from this brand with all of the favorite features and a few new tweaks and additions. The ultimate Keurig K575 single-serve coffee maker brews a rich, smooth and delicious cup every time with the quality you expect from Keurig. Leading fame of this machine explains it surely has something to suit every taste.

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker Review



A design can broadly be explained in two terms, interior and exterior. Both matters as interior explain quality and exterior ensure excellence in appearance in accordance with the kitchen’s look.

In terms of exterior, the Structural body is made up of smooth platinum that provides lavish finish. It has a minimalistic design, with clean lines and smooth edges. The display is large and clear, looks sleek and can fit into pretty much any kitchen style.

This is definitely not a compact shelf coffee maker and is not a cupboard machine but still, it does not look too bulky. It’s sleek and simplistic to fit any corner of your shelve.

And in terms of interior, it works the same way as the rest of the units by this brand. It supports coffee pods (capsules). The needles pierce through the capsule top, allowing the hot water to run through the coffee grounds, brewing a nice beverage for you.  Moreover, the water reservoir is removable for easy refilling and comes with filters for a pure sip.

The touch-screen display and removable drip tray add versatility to this coffee maker.

Now, most of the parts (both external and internal) of this machine are made of plastic. However, experience with this machine is never disappointing.


Keurig K575 Coffee Maker Machine



Keurig K575 has the biggest water tank holding staggering 80oz water meaning you can brew around ten cups without having to refill the tank.

The tank is removable for easier refilling and cleaning. The built-in nightlight of the water tank comes with a choice of several colors so you can make a late-night coffee without lighting ceiling lights.

Lots of size options are also a favorable feature of this Keurig K575 unit. It gives you five different cup sizes from 4oz to 12oz. It also introduces the facility to use K-pot capsules which make a full carafe of coffee for sizes at 22oz, 26oz or 30oz so you can have a coffee that is perfectly best according to your current coffee mood and demand.

Also, it has five different temperature settings so you can have your drink at a temperature you love to sip without waiting for a bit cool down.

Strength settings of this unit are also impressive as you can also choose the strength of your coffee along with the temperature of your coffee, for a fully customized loveable sip.

Moreover, the hot water is always ready to fill any cup size.

Another surprising feature of this coffee maker is a removable drip tray which not only allows easy cleaning and emptying but also provides room for any cup size.

The built-in clock allows programming your machine to switch on and off when you want it to. That’s ideal for that first cup of coffee when you wake up or return from work. It’s not only an auto-programmer but also an auto-brewer if you want it to.

It cares for your expense management, so automatically get switched off when not in use for saving up power.

The machine comes as a full package including user manual, standard warranty, pack of 6 K-cup pods, water filter handle and two water filters.



  • multiple brewing size options

  • fast operation

  • large water reservoir (removable for easy cleaning)

  • programmable brewing (carafe)

  • removable drip tray to accommodate taller mugs

  • extremely easy to use

  • sleek exterior

  • large display

  • five different temperature settings

  • strength settings

  • strong brew option

  • easy cleaning

  • works with water filters (and comes with two of them)

  • good value for money

  • great coffee taste and flavor

  • supports reusable pods and ground coffee of your choice

  • energy saving mode. 

  • quite tall and will require a lot of counter space

  • mostly plastic parts, which may disappoint some users

  • the strong brew function doesn’t make too much of a difference

  • users occasionally report a slight plastic flavor of the beverages but rarely (which may be just a manufacturing defect)

Our Verdict:

This Keurig K575 is a powerful machine that rightly does everything you would want a coffee maker to do and a bit more besides. The most amazing features of this brewing machine suit best your daily coffee needs. Moreover, it can automatically brew the right cup for you according to your settings so you don’t have to waste your time when you are getting ready for the work in the morning or coming back home with so much fatigue and tiredness. Also, his model comes with some extra accessories. The purchase includes two water filters and one filter handle. Additionally, there’s also a needle cleaning kit that will help you keep the water-supply needle. It’s the perfect solution to your coffee needs and we highly recommend giving this machine a try! Also Check 15 Best Keurig Coffee Maker Machines

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